Frequently Ask & Questions

What is meant by "item" and "end product"?

The "item" refers to the purchase made on ThemesGallery, like an IT Startup HTML template or a Figma Designed Template. The resulting creation using that purchased item is termed the "end product." For instance, if an IT Startup template is bought, the completed template represents the end product. Likewise, if a Figma design is purchased, the app utilizing that design in its interface becomes the end product.

What are some instances of acceptable end products?
  • Purchasing a web template, customizing it with your text and images, and using it as your website.
  • Buying an HTML site template, transforming it into a WordPress theme, and utilizing it for your website (note: not for resale as a stock template).
What exactly does the term "non-exclusive" mean?

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person who has access to the item. The item is also available for license and use by others.

Do I require an Extended License to incorporate an item into the packaging of a physical product I'm selling? What about promotional materials for a product I'm selling?

No, the Regular License is sufficient. An Extended License is only necessary if the item is an integral part of the actual product.

Which license is necessary for an end product that is free but includes parts that some users must pay to access or utilize?

If the item is utilized within the free section, the Regular License is suitable. However, if the item is employed in a section that demands payment for access or use, you will need the Extended License.

Which license is required to use an item in a commercial?

You only need a Regular License when the end product is an advertisement, as the audience is not required to pay to view it. It doesn't matter if the advertisement is promoting items for sale.

Is it necessary to credit the author of the item in my end product?

No, crediting the author is not obligatory. However, we recommend providing credit to the author and ThemesGallery if your end product includes credits as part of its design. It's essential to note that since the author retains ownership of the item, claiming copyright in the item is not permitted.

Do I need to purchase a new license every time I create a landing page within my site using a landing page template?

Need to purchase Extended license for unlimited domain