Refund Policy

Greetings from ThemesGallery! We are grateful that you are here and would like to inform you about our refund policies. These standards set expectations for both customers and product authors in our marketplace. Since all of the products we deal with on this platform are digital and therefore cannot be returned, it is important to make clear the conditions that apply to your right to a refund. Please be aware that only products purchased within the last 15 days are eligible for refunds from us. ThemesGallery might not be able to fulfill refund claims after this point in time. Despite our unwavering dedication to ensuring customer happiness, we recognize that there may be instances in which our products fall short of your expectations. Under specific circumstances, we do consider requests for refunds in such cases.

Before submitting a refund request

If you encounter technical challenges with an item purchased from ThemesGallery, we strongly advise reaching out to the respective item's author for assistance. Authors are often well-equipped to provide guidance and troubleshoot any issues you may be facing.

ThemesGallery Authorize refunds from the author in the following circumstances:

  • Complete non-functionality of the purchased product (excluding templates).
  • There is a mismatch between the product description and the real offerings.
  • Identification of a security flaw that we are unable to fix.
  • Failure to provide the promised support for the item.

The following are instances of circumstances in which the author does not authorize a refund or replacement:

  • Change of mindset of the purchased item.
  • Purchase made by mistake, with subsequent item(s) downloaded.
  • 15 days have passed since the item was purchased.
  • Refusal of a refund request due to features that are not expressly included in the item description (please see the feature list and demo preview).
  • Standard support does not involve any customization work. Any additional work you require must be completed by you or a third party you hire. In such a case, no refund will be given.
  • Insufficient knowledge of how to use the purchased product.
  • Failure to submit sufficient information when requesting a refund.
  • There is no option for replacement in the case of a mistaken purchase; alternative versions have to be purchased separately from the appropriate source.

Resolution of Disputes - Seeking Assistance from ThemesGallery

If you and an author are unable to reach an agreement on a refund, you have the option to escalate the situation and request ThemesGallery's involvement. ThemesGallery may request that you provide supporting documents or evidence. It is critical to understand that any refund provided by ThemesGallery is solely at our discretion. Our decision will be based on all available information, and you agree that our decision is final. Please keep in mind that orders made more than 15 days ago will not be eligible for dispute resolution.

  • You no longer want the item after downloading it.
  • The item fails to fulfill your expectations or you believe it is of poor quality.
  • A change of mindset caused the decision to request a refund.
  • The purchase was made by mistake.
  • Insufficient knowledge to use the purchased item.
  • Failure to give sufficient information to justify the right to a refund.
  • Inaccessibility of the item due to removal or the author's inactivity on our platform.
  • The purchase occurred more than 15 days ago.

ThemesGallery reserves the right to modify or update the aforementioned content at any time, without prior notice.